Saturday, May 15, 2010

We're Out On The Road To Japantown

N & I are headed to The City for a few days to bum around J-town and C-town. Why am I not boycotting San Francisco you ask? The town where anything goes, sex in public and even cop-killing. A nuke-free zone where Marxists rule the roost. A town that is itself boycotting the beleaguered state of Arizona for merely enforcing existing federal law. Well, I'm not much of a boycott person myself. If I was I wouldn't be able to buy health food in my similarly leftist leaning town of Ashland. So I'm more a 'live and let live' guy. And anyway we're not going to 'San Fran Sicko' (as Michael Savage affectionately calls it) per se, but rather to two specific ethnic enclaves, seeking out Asian culture and perhaps some fireworks. There is still much to love about The City: museums, shopping, great people watching (always watching out for a rare sighting of the aforementioned Mr. S), but most of all it's a foodie paradise. We hope to return in a few days, each of us ten pounds heavier. Strike that; ten pounds lighter from eating all those delicately steamed vegetables.

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