Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talking To Myself

Can't tell you where these flowers came from, so I'll regale you with some thoughts about talking to oneself. Where I am the one. Years ago before those ear/phone thingies were very common I'd see people walking around the street seemingly talking to themselves. Really loud, too. Eventually I realized that they were just making phone calls. A short time later, by some coincidence, I began speaking to myself out loud a bit, but not on the phone. It helped me to hear what I was thinking. Now I talk to myself all the time, to the point that it annoys my wife. Even if I do it alone in the bathroom. She can hear me through the door. It's mostly business that I talk about. For instance I might say: "At 3:00 I'll work on a CD return until 4:00; then I'll pay bills". Boring stuff like that. I might suddenly blurt out something interesting, but probably not. Meanwhile, if you find this disturbing, gaze on those pretty flowers awhile.

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